Helena Walsh



The Live Art Development Agency London
Documentation of my work can be found in the Study Room of the Live Art Development Agency London, which is a fantastic resource for live art

Are We There Yet? – A Study Room Guide on Live Art and Feminism
I contributed a map to Are We There Yet? – A Study Room Guide on Live Art and Feminism published by Live Art Development Agency London, curated by Lois Weaver in collaboration with Eleanor Roberts

This map is also featured in the online exhibition, Live Art and Feminism in the UK
Live Art and Feminism in the UK, Google Cultural Institute, December 2015
A partnership with the Google Cultural Institute to create an online exhibition on Live Art and Feminism in the UK. This exhibition, curated by Live Art Development Agency (London) in collaboration with Eleanor Roberts (Queen Mary, University of London), offers a snapshot of some of the key figures and issues of Live Art and Feminism in the UK since 1970.

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A.
Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. is a direct action feminist performance group that seeks to challenge the ongoing problem of Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion. The group operates against the shaming and silencing of women who have had abortions in the Irish region and more widely.

I sometimes perform with SITE/SPACE  - ‘ an open group that creates monthly site-responsive performance events in urban contexts. Participants explore and respond to each chosen location using their body, found material from the site, and individual, collaborative and collective actions that unfold over a 3 hour duration in the public realm. SITE/SPACE offers a psycho-geographic peripatetic approach to generating performance, action and happening.’

Something Human
Something Human is an independent curator initiative

Dublin Live Art Festival
Dublin Live Art Festival started as a way of uniting groups who were making and curating live performance art while giving them an opportunity to forge links with international artists. Visitors to each years DLAF are surprised, stimulated, inspired, moved, stirred and shaken up by DLAF’s dynamic programme of Irish live art alongside some very special guest artists from overseas. With a variety of events happening throughout the festival, there’s something for everyone. 

Feminist Hysteria
HYSTERIA is a periodical and a platform for feminist activism.

A touring live art exhibition curated by Amada Coogan, Chrissie Cadman and Helena Walsh. It featured eleven female artists native to or living in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The exhibition toured Londo, Derry/Londonderry and Dublin. In each exhibition the eleven artists performed simultaneously for eleven consecutive hours.

Blog: labourliveart.blogspot.co.uk/
Online Exhibition Catalogue: www.dublincity.ie/RecreationandCulture/ArtsOffice/TheLAB/PreviousExhibitions/Pages/Labour.asp
Performance Documentation: vimeo.com/39416736

]performance s p a c e[
]performance s p a c e [ is an artist led non-profit organisation that seeks to provide, studio and event space specificaly for performance art based in London

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

Right Here Right Now - Back There Back Then:
Documentation and writing reflecting on the four-hour durational group performance exhibition, Right Here, Right Now  that took place in Kilmainham Gaol Dublin 2010, curated by Amanda Coogan, Niamh Murphy and Dominic Thopre.

I’m With You:
I’m With You is Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt and Johanna Linsley with a rotating set of collaborators and co-schemers. Season Butler is associate producer with I’m With You.

Intimacy Across Visceral and Digital Performance, London

The National Review of Live Art, Glasgow: www.newmoves.co.uk

Map Live: www.Matrixartprojects.org

Act Art: www.actart.co.uk

Tulca, Galway, Ireland: www.tulca.ie

The Wormhole Saloon, The Whitechapel Gallery, London: www.newtoy.org/wormhole.swf

Bodily Functions, The Granary Theatre, Cork: www.granary.ie