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   'Wrest, wrest from this restless life some rest,
Still the ceaseless chatter in the head …'

Since I can remember I have always heard voices in my head. Over the years jumbled thoughts, fired by sometimes overwhelming feelings, have jostled with fragments from poets and playwrights. Recently, stumbling by chance on ‘The Making of a Poem’ by Mark Strand and Eavan Boland, I began listening more intently to those voices, tried to express what they are telling me. Sometimes my voices come out as sonnets, sometimes villanelles, sometimes lyrics.

These poems are efforts to understand a chequered past, embrace a vivid present, prepare for an uncertain (or certain) future. The 'voices in my head' speak of loving and hiding from love, of stripping away the self-protective layers, of ageing and confronting death, of words and meaning, of sadness and joy.

‘ How I grew from child to man’s a history
I cannot trace, only blindly re-create.'

Terence Moore was brought up in Horsham by an aunt who ran a home for boys with Downs Syndrome. After working two years as a miner, he read English at Trinity College, Cambridge. Upon graduating he became an apprentice bookbinder then taught English to speakers of other languages at Baroness Wangenheim’s school in Oxford. In his thirties he read linguistics for a Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles, where the focus at the time was on Chomsky’s ideas on an innate universal grammar. He stayed on as an Assistant Professor of Linguistics, finally moving back to England, first to the University of Essex, then to the Department of Linguistics, Cambridge. He is a Fellow of Clare College. These days, when not writing poetry he works on John Locke and has published a number of 'conversations' with Locke on language, truth and meaning.

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