A STRANGE DISEASE is threatening Cambridge. Is it a new type of virus or does it involve something more sinister - like the Toxic Oil Scandal that ravaged Spain in the 1980s? The clock is ticking as famed epidemiologist, Peter Grant, races to find the mysterious toxin and its source before the city succumbs to a serious plague.


BOB BIDERMAN is a novelist, editor and social historian. His novels, mysteries and social histories have been widely published by Gollancz, Hachette, Pluto, Walker, Chivers Atlantic, Contemporary Literature Series and Black Apollo Press. His articles have appeared in the Guardian, Independent, Visions of the City and Café Magazine.


"Has a zip and freshness of narration hard to resist ...."
The Guardian (Genesis Files)

"This is nothing is what it seems territory with a few extra twists, mayhem and a cruel message. Formidable!" The Sunday Times (Paper Cuts)

"More red herrings than a Moscow fishmonger's..."
Yorkshire Post (Judgement of Death)




SBN: 9781900355810 SIZE: 203 x 127 mm

ISBN: 9781900355810

SIZE: 203 x 127 mm

FORMAT: Quality Paperback

PAGES: 238
PRICE: £12

/ Quality Paperback PAGES: 238
PRICE: £12

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