A People's History of Coffee and Cafes

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“Social history, trivia, fun and extraordinarily infectious – the sort of book that if dipped into you can’t break away from.”  The Bookseller Magazine

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A People's History of Coffee and Cafés is an exploration into how a certain plant became a global commodity, creating fortunes and despair, bringing people together and tearing them apart, playing a starring role in the remarkable awakening of our modern world. The theme is coffee and the venue is the coffeehouse - one of the few places where prince and pauper might meet on equal footing. But where did coffee really come from? And how did it get to us? For in the course of a single generation, coffee burst onto the European scene like an Arabian Sirocco. Or did it? And if so, how did that happen without the trumpeting of the media, as we know it, paving the way for a new and wonderful product? Bob Biderman tells this remarkable story with the narrative ease of a novelist, the insight of a social historian and the fascination of a coffee lover.

Bob Biderman is the founding editor of Café Magazine. He has been researching the social history of coffee and cafés since the early 1960s when, as a student at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, he experienced the first wave of the American espresso revolution. During the 1980s and 90s, he went on to write about the coffee cultures in Paris, Amsterdam and London for various magazines and newspapers. Bob has worked as a writer and lecturer with specific interest in the nature of cities. He is the editor of a series of historical novels focusing on 19th century London and has written numerous books published by Pluto, Walker, Gollancz and Hachette.

Coffee Bearer



Chapter 1: Delving into Origins (Sample this chapter online) >>>

Chapter 2: Coffee's Garden of Eden

Chapter 3: The Sufi Connection

Chapter 4: Egyptian Chrysalis

Chapter 5: The Ottoman Launch Pad

Chapter 6: Discovery of Coffee by the East India Company

Chapter 7: Coffee's Entry into Europe

Chapter 8: Development of the Western Coffee Culture

Chapter 9: Sourcing the Bean

Chapter 10: Coffee is Colonised

Chapter 11: The Genie Uncorked and Unbottled

Chapter 12: Coffeehouses in the 18th Century

Chapter 13: A Tale of Two Countries: Haiti and Ceylon

Chapter 14: Birth of the Coffee Republic

Chapter 15: Coffee Comes of Age

Chapter 16: The Colossus of the North

Chapter 17: Cafes of the Belle Epoque (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 18: Coffee and the Temperance Movement

Chapter 19: The Coffee Zone

Chapter 20: Instant Buzz (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 21: Coffee in Crisis

Chapter 22: Espresso! (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 23: Rise of the New Coffee Empires

Chapter 24: Coffee Cultures of the Far East

Chapter 25: China

Chapter 26: Virtual coffee, Biodynamics and Artisan cafes

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