From the Beatnik cafes of San Francisco, hanging out with the likes of Ginsberg, to an Army boot camp in Georgia, this novel explores America's entry into Vietnam seen through the eyes of a young man caught up in the madness.

“Other wars have inspired not only best selling tales of heroic but also biting satires.  Vietnam did not. Not, that is, until Bob Biderman gave us his superb Letters to Nanette…”
About Books, American Library Association

“Set in 1963, this wonderfully warm novel imaginatively recaptures the American atmosphere at the beginning of the Vietnam War and depicts one man’s resolve to meet manhood on his own terms. Letters to Nanette is really one long, open letter to a young nation that refuses to throw off its own adolescent misconceptions of growing up.
ALA Booklist

“Letters to Nanette explores richly and humorously, one of the dilemmas faced fy the early ‘60s generation.  The alienated bohemianism of North Beach and Berkely that became a well spring for the movements beginning to emerge gives the book a substantial flavor of an all-too-faded history."
San Francisco Review of Books

“This book provides not only good reading but a profitable trip back to a fateful moment in national history.”
Choice Magazine, Book Selection Journal for University Libraries

“A terrific book!  It made me laugh and cry.  Important and timely…”
Bob Fass, WBAI Radio, New York City

“A truly wonderful book…covers a major chunk of my generation’s history.”
Kris Welch, KPFA Morning Show, Berkeley  

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Letters to Nanette
Bob Biderman

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