A KNIGHT AT SEA by R. J. Raskin

"Probably the best novel about Raymond Chandler ever written! 
Brilliant, bold, witty, political and totally absorbing!"

“A marvelous pastiche! Chandler plays Agatha Christie
and mayhem abounds!”
Best Online Books

“ Funny, sad, insightful. A wonderful read – great dialogue,
intrigue and a dazzling ending!”
Chambers Book Reviews

A Knight at Sea 

On the 12th of April, 1955 Raymond Chandler boarded the Mauritania in New York setting sail for the England of his youth. Four years later, he died, a lonely alcoholic, in a small town on the South Californian coast. A Knight at Sea is a fictional account of this story. Woven like a film noir this is a Chandleresque tale of bizarre friendship coupled with intrigue and murder.

ISBN: 9781900355131
Quality Paperback, Pages: 261
Price: £12.00






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